Wednesday 4 January 2012

Plastic power

With Scotland being hammered by the usual January gales and rain, I’ve been directing my climbing attentions over Christmas to a sustained attack on the fantastic TCA bouldering centre in Glasgow. I climbed a mountain of fantastic problems and definitely feel stronger for it, especially on big moves. There’s a lot of climbing space there and there are no shortage of leaps and jumps between the holds (some performance related comments on this over on my other blog). An uninterrupted spell of good quality training doesn’t get much better in climbing, apart of course from an opportunity to use the training on a piece of real rock.
But with wall to wall rain and more gales lined up for the next few weeks, it’s time for more of the same. It’s a great chance for me to really attack some long term weaknesses that I seldom get a chance to really attack when I’m doing my usual routine of very little training, just going climbing all the time.
My goals have been to work hard on my pinch strength among various aspects of my strength and flexibility. I’ve had a good couple of weeks of good training and another three of serious work should time nicely with the first crisp days of February (fingers crossed) for getting back outside onto rock projects.

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