Saturday 13 January 2007

Two week tour

Today I start a bit of a tour of the UK working for a few weeks. First up is a week working for my sponsors Mountain Equipment, out on the hill each day with folk learning winter skills in Lochaber's mountains. The gales have been raging here in Scotland for some time and every night I hear new ominous crashes and bangs of more bits falling off my tenement flat. So I reckon it will be quite hardcore. Either that or we might see a bit of 'Ice Factor' winter skills action (i.e. drinking a lot of tea in between some stints in the fridge).

After that I'm giving lectures about my climbing in Carlisle on Jan 23rd, Birmingham (coaching and lecturing about Scottish climbing) on Jan 24th, showing E11 and talking about Rhapsody at the Birmingham mountain film fest on the 25th and then heading north to Glen Coe again to set routes for the ice and mixed comp on the 26th. Apparently I'll be providing some comment on all yer performances on the comp day (27th) for the TV! So I do hope you are all working off the christmas tyre.

Somewhere in all that lot I have to train. I'm not sure how thats gonna work really. hopefully Alltshellach has some good doorframe edges?


  1. Training for something specific or just keeping your strength topped up for A.N.Other routes to be done in the spring?

  2. Always training for specific things, and everything else!!