Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Wet Gritstone take II

Messing about on Ape Drape (V5) Froggatt as the rain came down (Photos by Hot Aches)

Determined to nail at least one gritstone route after the washout trip over new year, we headed back for round two, with a good forecast this time... apparently.

Apparently not! As soon as I got warmed up and ready for a lead, the heavens opened again and the familiar routine of drying gear and sitting in cafes downing gallons of tea commenced once more. After three days of this we rereated back to Scotland again to work some more and keep our ears to the ground for signs of winter high pressures on the way. Depressing stuff.

A small foothold, on a damp gritstone slab

Unfortunately time for climbing is running out and some work for my sponsors and some more lectures are approaching fast. Here's hoping for a break in the rain before then???

Check out my lectures page if you are in Cumbria, I've just put up details of a lecture I'm doing in Carlisle on Jan 23rd. After that I'm speaking and coaching in Birmingham on Jan 24th and 25th before heading back north again to set some gnarlyness at the Ice Factor ice and tooling comp on the 26th/27th.

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