Monday 19 February 2007

Bad Fall

An impressive piece of winter driftwood at Dumbarton Rock last week.
A snowy Ben Lomond peeks out from behind the ever changing architecture of Dumbarton.

I have had a couple of superb sessions at Dumbarton lately and made significant progress on 2 boulder problems. Both are quite wild lines - about 25 metres long each, and more than 12 metres of roof climbing each! One in particular is very hard and is a step harder than the existing problems. In my efforts to get the 'pre-redpoint' link on this one, I had a nasty fall, coming off with a wild swing and face planted the floor. After I'd reassured myself that I had avoided breaking my nose I started to develop werid pains in my pinky which I twisted on landing. Later that night it dislocated at home and was really quite painful until I popped it back in. Unfortunately it seems to be making a habit of dislocating and hurting a lot when cold although so far it seems fine once I'm warmed up. We'll have to see how things go but I might pay a visit to the ultrasound scanner if it causes problems.

Tomorrow I'll be back at Dumby for tentative pinky testing, hopefully followed by more brutal efforts on the roof. I need another bouldering mat...

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