Thursday 22 March 2007

Spain - Siurana & Margalef

Ready to climb

Sunset beyond Montsant

Margalef ambience

Huge overhanging cliff, one route, 8c+. A familiar sight in Spain

Looking longingly at an 8c. I did it the next try.

Dave Redpath hanging out on La Puta Rue 8b+, Margalef

Sparkling water, Margalef

Dave warms up at Siurana

Dave getting the psyche on for the redpoint. He did it.
I had an excellent trip to Spain with Dave Redpath for a week. I have made some adjustments in my training which seem to have given my standard a kick - good vibes for the coming year. My goal was to get some good links on a hard route there. I managed better than that, almost doing the route. So that confirms a return trip, possibly this year. On my days off from this I climbed at the excellent Margalef cliffs and had a particularly good day that made all that hard training worthwhile. redpointed an 8c I'd tried the day before, onsighted my first 8a and finished off by dogging up an 8b+ once as it got dark. I felt really good on it an wanted a second go. So Dave pointed the car into the cave and turned the headlights on full. I did it next try. I celebrated with three cups of tea and a bottle of beer.

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  1. Very good place to visit,do to the reason my family are from Tarragona,but I live in the Caribbean.