Monday 18 February 2008

Skeleton Boulder attack in Glen Nevis

I've just spent three hardcore sessions up at the Skeleton boulder in the Glen cleaning the somewhat gobsmacking projects there and trying the roof project. Now there is only one move I can't do. The Hot Aches crew have been up filming which is cool, although it's early days on this problem with much work to go. Diff got some cool slow motion footage of me ripping off an undercut and going flying.

I spent a whole day making a new landing above a mega prow with rocks and dead branches. Now it looks like a bear trap! All in all this boulder will yield three inspiring lines at a very high difficulty level. My spring is sorted.

It was such a shame I pulled off the undercut though. I'd just found a beautiful way to do the move that still eludes me using an exquisite drop knee. Now I'm not sure how the move will go. But it will go... Back up there tomorrow with the Tweedley. I'll try and get some photos.

I also managed to climb the lovely Saturn Crack in the Steall Gorge boulders. I started out thinking this was going to be a classic but trivial Font 7a. It turned out that the exit from the crack was much harder than I thought. We gon some cool video which I'll post up as soon as I get a 1394 cable so I can capture from the tape!

Saturn Crack Font 7cish(?) photo: John Watson

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