Friday 1 February 2008

Velvet Antlers day (again)

Today was a day of watching blizzards outside while bashing the keyboard doing shed loads of work on Claire's Velvet Antlers site. Fourteen hours later and I got all the Valentines and Easter hampers uploaded and hopefully sorted the site out for ranking in google better. It's weird to think just how much Google matters in so many aspects of life these days. Scary, I suppose, too.
Still, It's been exciting to see my tweaks on Velvet Antlers give a steady climb up the rankings. Early days yet. Come on googlebot, hurry up!!!
The next two days I'm at the Ice Factor coaching, and then hopefully out for a play in the snow??


  1. I completely sympathise - I too have spent the day keyboard-slapping, having just got an update to Bouldr up and onto our servers.

    (Not that I'm plugging shamelessly!)

  2. Have you tried using a CMS tool like CMS Made Simple or Drupal?

    There is a bit of learning curve but its well worth it. Drupal even has its own shopping cart module which you can plug into paypal. Once its up and running she should be able to update the site herself.

    I'm using CMS made simple for clients and its saved me loads of time. They like being able to manage the site themselves too.