Thursday, 31 January 2008

Training resumes in earnest

Claire recovers from an ice bashing session in the ice factor fridge. She is learning to ice climb for some activities we have planned...

A week of rest and treatment for a developing injury in my finger seems to have worked really well and training resumed with a vengeance this week after I got home from lecturing and coaching in Devon.
It felt really good to be training, like REALLY good. For sure it's like a drug sometimes, and I love it. I felt strong, healthy and psyched to be pulling really hard on small holds again. Unfortunately the inactivity last week has meant I have gained a little weight which I will have to reverse. That is quite a bummer seeing as Claire just made a batch of the legendary iced gingerbread (she blogged the recipe here).
A pleasingly large amount of it was responsible for fuelling the attempts on Ring of Steal during the summer, but then we were spending 8 hours a day at the crag. It doesn't work so well when you are spending 14 hours a day in front of a computer screen and only 2 hours hanging from your fingers.
Nevermind, in three days I have some time off work, and its snowing outside right now...

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  1. I'm starting to really envy your lifestyle, Dave. Snow here just means I get cold and wet on my way to and from the office! And staring at a screen is doing my eyes in, especially after 4 months outside!

    Velvet Antlers is looking good too. Good effort.