Wednesday 16 January 2008

Winter sun on the Buachaille

Saturday was a perfect day to be in the Scottish mountains; clear, snowy and windless. After working through Christmas I figured I could manage a days climbing and headed up the Coe to go and do Cubby’s big route Guerdon Grooves.

Everything seemed good, but as I started up the first pitch I quickly realised that underneath the insulation of snow water was running and the turf was not even pretending to be frozen. So I climbed down and we made do with a nice day outside and went home for tea and pull ups. Next time.

Entering Great Gully at first light

A large chunk of ice with a mossy hat that formerly resided halfway up the first pitch of Guerdon groove. The unfrozen moss was holding the ice onto the cliff, but seemed unwilling to support the additional weight of Macleod plus rack.

Kev Shields dondering down towards Alltnafeadh.

Ben Nevis looking good

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