Thursday 24 January 2008

Recovery/research time

Last week I picked up a wee injury while training my fingers like there was no tomorrow. It was probably down to the fact that it already was tomorrow as most of my fingerboarding sessions were at about 2am when I was not at my sharpest. Just a niggle though I’m hoping and it seems to be ok after a bit of cold water and a long warm up.

Claire and I just had a jetset trip to Birmingham where I was coaching and lecturing. It is always a full on experience meeting psyched climbers back to back all day long. Very energising and great fun. The amount of energy expended during the day only hits you about three hours after lecturing as you drift into a sleep where you can literally feel your muscles recovering from the training. 7 hours continuous coaching followed by a 60 minute lecture is good training for the voice too! I blogged some general thoughts about technique coaching on my online climbing coach blog here.

Now I’m home and taking a couple of days rest this buys me much needed time to do all the research I need to prepare for my work in 2008. Yes I know it’s 2008 already, but I am rarely on schedule. I am learning all about film and publishing, and finalising plans to do some!

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