Wednesday 16 January 2008

I found what I was looking for (I think?)

Today I went for an extended stroll in Glen Nevis with the Watson, after our arms faded on the Heather hat projects. John had explored the hillside before and wanted to show me a roof he thought might, maybe, possibly could be climbable. The whites of my eyes were showing as we approached. It looked fantastic. Indeed it might be too hard. But for sure I will spending a lot of springtime on this boulder, and a hard headpoint route I discovered nearby. Right now my list of boulder projects in the glen gets longer. But it’s a real psyche to find an uber hard one that looks only just possible.

The past weeks have been spent doing many deadhangs and pull-ups, with some gains in strength to show for it. Looking at these roofs made me feel weak again.

That was exactly what I needed.


  1. Awesome looking Roof

  2. Great punchline!!

    Rock looks nice...