Thursday 24 July 2008

Back to the fray

After a late and rather sleepy jet lagged start I bounced up to Echo Wall for an evening shunt session. I had a good feeling after the scales read that I’d lost 3lb during my trip and back to a pound above fighting weight. Did it make a difference? Oh yeah! Although I’d lost a fair bit of crimp endurance I was way stronger on the moves and managed one more complete link. Unfortunately on the next two tries I fell from the death move at the end of the hard part. Scary stuff. But more time on this yielded an improved entry to the boulder problem and a dynamic spring to save an energy sappping static lock I was doing before and occasionally falling from. 

So my task now is to get that endurance back on track with some more days on the wall and training. 

Sadly, one of my other tasks this week is to try and encourage (again) someone to pay me for a lecture and coaching work I did for them back in January. I wish they would just do the right thing...


  1. Anonymous25 July, 2008

    Dave, good to see you back on the right side of the pond. Ive only bought gear from a shop recently when they had discount night, its web all the way now, especially as some of the good UK people can have it on your desk the next day. Although I did try to support the shop at the wall, but they didnt make much profit so the shut.

    3lb doesnt seem much to lose, but it seems to equate to a significant amount for your performance.

    I hope the Echo wall work continues to develop, must be a real thrill to see yourself and the route develop together, almost sad when its over maybe.

    Have a good weekend!!


  2. "the death move" eeeep! Scary stuff indeed.
    Keep up the awesome effort, but just don't fall off that bit on the lead, yeah?