Monday 7 July 2008

Echo Wall linked!

Resting on Echo Wall before the crux.

A major step forward on Echo Wall yesterday – linked in one at last. The many days of circuits at Sky Pilot obviously had the effect I was looking for. After a month of impatiently waiting, it was great just to get back on the wall again, which was feeling decidedly moody in the swirling dark clouds last night.

I’m super excited now I know the project is possible – I can do it. But scared as well. My successful link was 5th try of the day, after falling three times at the first crux in the roof (on the lead this means a 10 metre fall and slab smash) and once at the main crux. But at least I didn’t fall from the final crux (where falling on the lead is not an option).

The upshot? - much more to do yet. My fitness feels 85%. It needs to be 100%. The problem is that tomorrow night I leave for lectures in the US and Canada. So my next opportunity to be on Echo Wall is the end of this month. Until then, I will continue to work my body hard.

I’ve posted up a couple of pics of the project that Claire took last night, but most of them are up on Claire’s blog


  1. Some cracking photos there claire and dave. I will tell my mum the cake had the desired effect. Have a good trip to the states.


  2. Anonymous08 July, 2008

    congrats dave!

  3. Anonymous08 July, 2008

    Hello Dave,
    just quick and lame question. What is your belay management? I can see a rope going towards you you and from you as well. And Claire is taking pictures .. :-)


  4. Anonymous08 July, 2008

    Dave nice to hear you made the link. Can't wait to hear about you sending it. Congrats enjoy your lecture tour.

  5. Anonymous17 July, 2008

    this is so dangerous. wahha. i'm so afraid in this situation. haha