Friday 16 October 2009

Autumn ups and downs

Glen Nevis today in full golden glory

I’ve had better weeks. Started off Sunday all set to go on a quick raid to Hoy only to come down with a miserable cold and have to cancel at the last moment. What a bummer. That kind of took the wind out of my sails I must admit. I spent the week working on my book and feeling sorry for myself. Today I felt good for climbing again and snatched a lovely afternoon at Sky Pilot. Still feeling reasonable on the project even after 4 fitness draining days off, but need to turn around a backward performance trajectory double quick. 

Good progress on the book though which has got me pretty keen to really get my sleeves up with this project.

Maybe see you at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival on Sunday night at my lecture?


  1. Dave,

    What's the book about? Is it a training manual, or a book about your experiences, or something completely different?

  2. It's about improving at climbing. But It's not really a training manual. More like a inspiration, understanding and practical advice to make sense of the training manual stuff.