Thursday 18 February 2010

Accepting help

Seems unimaginable in certain situations, and far too easy in others. Why such imbalance? I don’t have an answer. Arrogance or shortsightedness broken only by laziness? Or is it strong independent spirit poorly balanced out by realism and the urgency of problems. The latter a good soother, the former getting closer, but still probably far from the truth.
Anyhow, back to more familiar territory - climbing. Ongoing preparation for projects has been good, and bad. Physical preparation has gone, overall, slightly backwards. Mental preparation, in a roundabout way, is probably a lot better. Funny how the two don’t always have to go hand in hand. It's the normal rollercoaster ride. Between big ups and downs, you can still strike the route on the middle of an 'up'.


  1. Did you decide to see a physio?

  2. Alan Russell26 February, 2010

    I've found the hardest situations to ask for help in are those where I'm afraid to ask. Some possible reasons for this are because I'm afraid that doing so will force me to confront a problem; because I suspect that I should have done so earlier, and so asking for help would be admitting this; because I can't find good advice.

    The first 2 are the hardest 2 I've found to deal with and the best way I've found is to be really honest with myself and try to avoid ego getting in the way.

    The last one just takes some more effort to find what I need.

    On the flip side, sometimes I've asked for help when, with a bit more patience and confidence, I could have got by more efficiently without it.

    I guess the best answer (for me anyway) is to try to be honest with myself as to why I'm asking for help.

    Guess I could do with some brevity when my comment is longer than the post that inspired it!