Wednesday 10 February 2010

Observatory Buttress & Smiths

Minus 3 Gully - Photo Paul Diffley/Hotaches

This is a two minute blog…

I’m due to leave three minutes ago to head back up the allt a mhullin for a rendezvous at the hut 7.30am to head into Point 5 Gully. Neither Andy or myself have done it before and it looks in good condition. Which will make a nice change from yesterday’s thin ice on Smiths Route and Observatory Buttress, complete with pretend ice screws in much and wherever there was solid ice it broke off in huge dinner plates, giving the film team of Guy in the gully below a bombing.


  1. Superb guys !!! Gripping stuff! Very entertaining :-)

  2. Love it, so rare to get good winter climbing footage.