Tuesday 26 October 2010

5 Climbs, 5 Islands part 2

Stac Lee, St Kilda looking amazing

Quick reminder to tune into the second part of our 5 Climbs, 5 Islands adventure tonight, 7pm, BBC2 Scotland, Sky 990, Freesat 970 and iPlayer for streaming or downloading later if you miss it. There seems to have been a wee delay before the download comes online on iplayer after the scheduled showing ends so don’t fret if you can’t get it immediately.
Tonight we are on Lewis, Great Bernera and on a mission out to St Kilda.

Heading into no man’s land on St Kilda


  1. That was some of the best climbing footage I've seen and the rock looks amazing! Any routes up there for us mere mortals :) Superb effort.

  2. Gibson and Lynne27 October, 2010

    Brilliant and entertaining climbing. Sheer joy! What grades were the last 3 routes by the way?

  3. Hi Dave,

    Two absolutely brilliant bits of TV, not to mention the climbing achievements themselves. I hope you get more commissions in future - I'll be tuning in if so...

    There are one or two sad little maggots on UKClimbing saying some rather stupid things, but the vast majority of us absolutely loved seeing these programs on national TV. Well done!


  4. Just watched the second program, bloody brilliant! Little in the way of talking up how dangerous/scary it was, just superb climbing footage and some interesting interviews to go with it.
    I feel like my parents could watch those shows and get an idea of why I like climbing so much, I wouldn't say that for most climbing films.

    PS It would be nice to have a list of route names/grades. I'd love to do the Screaming Geo climb although it might be a bit tricky!

  5. nigel pearson27 October, 2010

    Brilliant TV. well done all concerned. I would agree that it would be good for non-climbers as well as climbers to watch.

  6. Really great programs Dave and Tim - well done!

  7. Just caught the second part and it was a fantastic program. Some great climbing which has made me feel inspired to push it a bit harder with my own climbing.
    I hope there will be more of these shows in the future.

  8. Hi Dave,

    Both shows were absolutely amazing. Wow! Probably the best climbing footage I've ever seen. All those lines looked amazing and desperate. Well done to you and Tim and to the whole team. I hope you do something like this again.


  9. Hi Dave,

    Really enjoyed the footage from 5 Climbs. The third climb looked particularly enjoyable. Tim certainly looked well stoked when he reached the top.

    Great achievment though and well done to the pair of you and the rest of the crew.

  10. Hi Dave,
    Awsome TV. Loved every minute. As usual you continue to inspire us mere mortals to push ourselves just that little bit harder and see what we can learn in the process.
    Can't wait to get out on rock again and unleash some of the psyche watching that has left me with!

  11. What an inspiration Dave. Just amazing. You've justified my licence fee.