Saturday 2 October 2010

5 climbs, 5 islands scheduled on BBC2

The 5 climbs, 5 islands film has a provisional slot on BBC2 Scotland! Originally filmed as a back up for the Great Climb programme in case of atrocious weather, injuries etc (we got both but still managed it!), we had a great adventure and I think you’ll like the film.
We travelled about the Hebrides on a big boat, attempting some really hard new routes back to back over 5 days. You’ll have to watch the programmes to see the outcome but I can tell you it was the best trip I’ve had new routing in the Hebrides, certainly one of the hardest and definitely with the most falls!
The culmination of the trip trying a brilliant 2 pitch line of perfect black Gabbro on St Kilda was unbelievable.
It will be shown in two x 1 hour shows, BBC2 Scotland, Sky, iplayer October 19th and 26th at 19.00. Enjoy!

Some pics from St Kilda on the 5 climbs, 5 islands trip. Photos: Triple Echo

My previous blog about the trip is here.


  1. Awesome looking climbs .. and you look like your really enjoying the location too.

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see more climbing coverage on the BBC. Have lost count of the times I've watched "The Great Climb" on my iplayer download, will be great to study some more superb climing when my "TGC" 30 day limit expires!

    You are a true inspiration, thankyou.

  3. Col McGowan19 October, 2010

    Excellent viewing. Beats Eastenders on the other side hands-down! Looking forward to St Kilda scenes. Was there in 2009 - wonderful place.

    I don't suppose you'd been interested in climbing Rockall?

    Looking for a very experienced climber to assist/enable a couple of radio amateur operators to operate their radio equipment from the top of Rockall - the MOST wanted "Island on the air" in the world :)

    Best regards

    Col McGowan

  4. Remote recording failed me.... Is this 1st instalment going to be replayed??


    David (gutted I missed it..)

  5. Just watched on iplayer (took some finding) - great programme, simple, honest and useful. The moves on the roof where awesome and to do iteffectively 3 times - there's some serious training behind that.

  6. Rockall - potentially yes! Looks like a nice wall up one side. Drop me a line...

  7. Did drop you a line (to Claire's email at top of page?) but guessing it was maybe a bit too direct!

    No matter..look forward to seeing the 2nd part tonight.