Friday, 3 December 2010

Couple of videos: Pinnacle Trailer and the cave

Here is the trailer for The Pinnacle DVD, ice climbing on Ben Nevis following in the footsteps of Smith and Marshall. Brilliant for the winter psyche!The DVD is in the shop here.

This is an extended clip of Michael making a determined second ascent of my own problem Bone Broke (Font 7c) in the Arisaig Cave last week. The wee fire was great, shame the wind was blowing it into the cave for the full winter cave dwelling experience!


  1. Quality!

    That problem looks brilliant!

    Good effort!

  2. great wee vid I thought and it had no daft music irrelevant to the situation. It was great to hear the real sounds.

  3. fun video, thanks.

  4. Nice one Michael! Winter cave dwelling plans are working out nicely I see...