Saturday 11 December 2010

Too steep for dry snow..

Michael on some nice ice, on the way to look at some steepness and then abseil off.
It’s been an up and down couple of weeks. I tried training hard but ended up annoying an arm muscle and having to back off just when psyche levels were getting very high. I must admit I got a bit fed up after that and put my energy into various writing tasks I’m working on. A lot of work got done, and now my arms are feeling ready for some training again. So it's worked out well.
I went with Michael to look at a winter project, a very steep one. But it’s 45 degree steepness meant it was the only route on the cliff not in condition. ARRRGH! Next time.


  1. Grade 1 project then?!
    The Lone Rider

  2. Those pictures make me wish I was there.

    Stan Susmanon