Wednesday 20 February 2008

Glen Nevis project videocast III

Hot Aches sent through a nice pic and clip of my project (the hardest one anyway) on the Skeleton Boulder. Check it:

Music by Chris Hall AKA DJ b-Burg



  1. Wicked slo-mo!!! I wish I was strong enough to break rocks with my bare hands too ;-)

    How many grades harder is the problem now that it has a crucial hold missing?!

  2. Take it this is the same problem you blew the hold on??
    "I'd just found a beautiful way to do the move that still eludes me using an exquisite drop knee. Now I'm not sure how the move will go. But it will go... "
    Looks like a good project, footage is absolutly incredible from hotaches, any idea when Committed vol II is going to be released... pre orders ...? ;)

    Keep up the good work dave!

    Angus (Aberdeen)

  3. I only just discovered the hold and then it broke off, so back to my original method I think...

    Committed 2 will be out in autumn, probs October.