Tuesday 12 February 2008

Perfect day in Glen Nevis, again

Another perfect day in the glen today after work. I'd been waiting for my chance to go back up to the improbable roof that John showed me and see if any of those slopey edges were actually hangable.

The project is sooooo perfect! I could do the first 4 moves, and the final moves. But two in the middle seem very hard but definitely possible. It seems like just the right difficulty level for me to work on, and the most perfect line in an unbelievable location. The boulder sits in a high alp beside a cool little water slide, among huge ancient Scots pines, with a brilliant vista of the surrounding mountains. I'm not normally one for getting all hung up on locations (although I do love the mountain evironment intensely), but this is somewhere I would go, just to visit and do nothing. The fact there is an uber boulder project there (several actually) is just too good to be true.

I have three or four months to work it out and climb it before heat and midges arrive. I'll dub this one 'The Skeletal project', owing to the skeleton resting in the depths of the cave and the fact I'll need to get somewhat skeletal myself to climb out of it. I'll keep you posted how I get on...

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  1. Well man, considering the boulders that are in Bleau or in Spain.....this boulder is ugly