Monday 18 September 2006

Sport climbing - The Anvil season begins

Karate Kid

Dave Redpath - Gagging for a Hob Nob or just enjoying using his bolt drill?

Iain on the excellent Shadowlands 7b+

Well I can't say I felt amazingly strong on the Anvil left-hand roof after 4 months away. In fact I managed exactly the same links as last time. However, the scotch mist was thick in the air and it wasn't just me who was complaining about the grease. I love this place - new projects, that I bolted myself, mega hard, steep climbing on 'real' holds so you get really worked, relatively unaffected by the west coast rain assaults and excellent moves. It's so nice to have new rock thats so convenient to get to and hard enough that I know it would take a looong time to get through all the projects.


  1. hey dave, this venue looks awsome, would be well psyched for a visit.
    is it a totaly new venue or already established? any info would be great

  2. It's a new venue. There is a topo here:

    It's hardcore!