Wednesday 11 April 2007


You might be wondering why I’ve had nothing to talk about except work and bouldering on Dumbarton Rock for the last wee while. Well, there is a reason other than I just like climbing there and have slight workaholic tendencies at times. I am planning to move to the highlands quite soon, well, June to be more specific. If all goes to plan I’ll be leaving behind my wee basalt climbing playground. So much work needs to be done to earn cash for the move. But I won’t bore you with that. The main deal is that I try to finish some wee niggling projects on the boulders before I leave. There is one problem in particular I’d like to do, but I reckon it’s too big an ask right now and some commuting back south may be required next winter to see it off. However, it’s not the only project left to do. So hopefully I’ll come away with something for my efforts over the next month.

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