Wednesday 22 October 2008

Awards for Echo Wall!

The premiere of Echo Wall passed in a blur for Claire and I on Sunday, with our first ever film picking up two awards, for Best Climbing Film and Best Film at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. It was very overwhelming to sit with 500 of you and watch the film we've worked night and day on flat out since the end of July.

Our feet still haven't touched the ground as I left Glasgow early the next morning for lectures in England and Claire has been busy sending out all our pre-orders of the DVD from Fort William. Thanks to everyone who ordered their copy in advance - I hope you enjoy the film!

If you would like to order a copy, you can get one here. Maybe I'll catch some of you in Preston on Friday night, Cotswolds at 7.


  1. Great effort the pair of you! Worth it just for the logistical challenge of filming on the Ben let alone the climbing, editing, etc. Will that camera hold up to some subzero weather ;)

  2. Maybe......but my primary concern would be for the camera operator ;)

  3. Nice job guys!! I can't wait to see the film! WOOT WOOT!!

  4. Watched it lastnight, good effort -bit of challege/hommage to Dave Birkett to see who can run down a hill faster??

    Bouldering came accross really well, would have been nice to see more detail of the holds etc on Echo Wall. And yes - I miss that dam dog from E11, what a loon! Mint looking Micra by the way, looks like it hasn't a mark on it!!

    Roll on the next project. Global warming and rising sea levels could make Rhapsody a deep water solo in 100yrs - any takers??


  5. Well done guys. We told you it as good!
    Al Halewood

  6. Great film Claire - finally some recognition for you after all the long hours alone on the mountain, and for the years of worry whilst Dave has been climbing. The Film was about the climber, but who was it harder on - Dave with his relentless focus on the rock, or you, cold and alone watching from a distance.

    We won’t ask you to go through it all again – but if you do we know we’ll enjoy every minute of your films.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi,
    I finally got my copy of Echo wall and I loved it, watching your struggles, and your journey towards success on Echo wall, as well as your movie on Rhapsody, brings it closer to home as it makes it relatable to the challenges in my climbing and the lessons I have to learn to improve and achieve success.

    other world class climbers and their videos kinda makes it all seem out of reach to the many. So thank you for being a role model and bringing inspiration and motivation to my more humble climbing goals, half a world away.


  8. Great job on the awards. I am excited to pick up a copy and check it out.

  9. Hi Dave,

    'Congratulations dude!' ;)

    Finally I've just purchased your DVD via paypal, but it'll take up to 6 days to clear your end as it's via echeck as I lost my last paypal account login, and signed up with a new one, only I can't link my visa card to it as it's to ruddy complicated and won't let me, so that's that. Been a busy time since we last interacted via your email to inform me of your latest film, but I said I'd buy it and finally I have. The clip looks fantastic, so I know the film is going to be great viewing. Looking forward to it. My address has changed, I am back on the 'North Shore' here in BC, Canada - the best location to be; but it's amended on paypal already as you'll see for shipping. Take care of you! I am back in the U.K for a month next month visiting friends (high end climbers too I'll have you know, unlike me, a novice in comparison leading 5.8, seconding 5.10).

  10. That pic of mine is at "Smith Rock' this year, while on my big road trip that I enjoyed taking, included Oregan, Idaho, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Kamloops, and back to Vancouver. Banff and Jasper are worth a visit too if you've not been there, also very beautiful and my favourite two places here in Canada outside of BC.

  11. Hi, just to say thank you, Echo Wall is a very good sample of how to work a project at the mountains.
    Some critics to the film if allowed:
    First of all, my hands didn't transpire viewing the film, for me it's really important when I see a climbing film
    Secondly, I've missed a good topo/animation or whatever showing me the gear placements and the crux
    Finally, another camera adding another point of view of the route would be great...
    Regards from Barcelona