Friday 17 October 2008

Many new articles on my site!

I have been a busy man. I’ve had a list of articles I wanted to write for this site for absolutely ages, but the great black hole of Echo Wall (the climb, then the film) blocked out everything else for so long. But I’ve been furiously preparing the articles all this week and uploaded them. They cover quite a range of subjects.

How to be a sponsored climber

How to get good at climbing, in one email

Prevention and management of split tips

Prevention and treatment of elbow injuries for climbers

Updated supporting article on cold treatment for finger injuries answering all your questions on it after my videocast.

Scottish climbing 101 – how to beat the rain and midges on a Scottish climbing trip

A list of the perma-dry crags in Scotland so you can keep climbing on those rare days when the sun doesn’t shine here.

Some suggestions for crag itineraries for those of you how haven’t visited Scotland before and want to know the best spot to take in.

A text, image and video topo of the newly developed (and rather good) Skeleton boulders in Glen Nevis, with seven youtubes to whet the appetite.

And that’s just my site…

I’ve also just built the website for our production company Rare Breed Productions, that we started for making films and other creative things. It has the full credits for Echo Wall including all the places to get hold of some of the tracks from the soundtrack, which I’ve already been getting asked about a lot.

Finally, I’ve just added the new Onsight DVD just out today to the shop. Many of you were emailing to ask if I’d be selling it because you were keen to get it along with my e-book How to Climb Hard Trad which I’m still giving away with all DVD and book orders.

Phew! Between Echo Wall, this lot and a pile of other stuff, I’ve been spending some quite silly hours in front of the screen since July. But tomorrow is my last day in front of a computer screen for 6 weeks! Yeehaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I’ll catch some of you at EMFF or my lectures in Harrogate, Manchester and Preston next week. And I should have some copies of the Echo Wall DVD too. Exciting stuff, but it’s fair to say I’ll be a tad jumpy until the delivery man comes with the DVDs.

Enjoy the articles…


  1. Thanks for the elbow article Dave. I have currently an elbow injury and was looking at ways of preventing it in future. Your tips on faster movement were very helpful as I have a very static technical style. Will try to incorp that into my climbing :)

    Thanks again

  2. Wow, lots of good stuff there. I like the list of perma-dry crags, maybe you could add Myopic Buttress to the Dunkeld section though - there's some pretty good bouldering in there and the roof keeps it dry.
    Good luck on your trip.

  3. Any cance on something on shoulders. I've struggled to get back into climbing after a grade 4 dislocation of my shoulder while mountain biking. Lots of climbers mountain bike so just wondering if any info is out there, should I just stick to training fingers and general fitness for example and forget the pull ups as they make the shoulder ache for days??


  4. Thanks for all the great information you are awesome Dave.

  5. Thanks for yet more good info.

    Regarding elbow injuries you did'nt recommend ice. I been icing and nurofening to keep a brachiwhatevertype minor elbow injury at bay following advice from a 'sporty' GP and it seems to work.

    Was this an ommission or don't you think it works ?

    Rgds, Simon