Tuesday 14 October 2008

Echo Wall DVD - the full route list

A lot of folk have been asking us which other routes are on the Echo Wall DVD. Here is the full list:


Bear Trap Prow V12
Frontal System V12
Saturn Crack V9
Big Long Now V13

All these problems are in Glen Nevis

Winter mixed

Don’t Die of Ignorance XI,11 Ben Nevis


Echo Wall
Sublime E8 6c, Glen Coe
Jahu E6 6a (solo), Glen Nevis
Sweet Little Mystery E4 6a (Kev Shields soloing), Glen Nevis

Sport climbing

Darwin Dixit 8c (solo)
Los Ultimo Hippies 8c
Alzheimer Bros 8b+
Malapel 8b
Sativa Patatica 8a flash

All of those are in Margalef, Spain

We’ve also been getting asked about wholesale of the Echo Wall DVD for those of you that run your own shops. For wholesale copies, just get in touch and we’ll give you the lowdown.


  1. Dave
    Any idea when the Echo Wall DVD will be available at any retail shops in the US (or even online retailers like bouldering.com that ship from the US)? I'm looking forward to the film but can't afford airmail postage across the pond (especially with the dollar being what it is).

  2. Hi, Sorry I'm afraid our site is your only port of call to get NTSC copies of the Echo Wall DVD at the moment. But our shipping is standard £1.50 (approx 3 dollars) to anywhere in the world.

    Not too bad!!!


  3. Not bad at all, I'll be planning to pick one up soon. Thanks for the info.