Saturday, 21 August 2010

See you on the box, next week

In a couple of hours, I’m leaving for Sron Uladail once more to begin the final prep leading up to our live climb. I haven’t been to bed yet, and that is looking a more distant possibility by the minute - too much work to try and finish before I go! I can’t do it all. So it’ll be a sleepy shift on the cliff tomorrow. I do hope the weather gods will provide us with a friendly day and myself and Tim can provide you with an entertaining adventure to watch on Saturday 28th.
I have an update on the broadcast times, they are:
Saturday 28th August:
BBC2 Scotland and Sky channel 990 1.30pm-7pm
BBC HD channel 5pm-7pm
Streamed live on the BBC website
Available for viewing on BBC iplayer
I wouldn’t say my preparation has gone perfectly, the wettest July in Scotland for a decade hasn’t helped get the hours in on rock in recent weeks. But I did have an amazing session on my climbing board last night, managing nearly all my hardest links and completing a long term project with ease. It’s nothing new that a mixed bag of training ends up producing great results. The variety might not be in the schedule, but is often better than a synthetic training plan. I have been bitten by a staggering amount of midges in recent weeks, which could be good training also, perhaps?
Trying to keep up work on my injuries book and other work has been a right balancing act as well. To be honest, I think I need a week of hardcore battling with The Big Stone on Harris to stop me from going quite mad!
See y’all on the 28th to watch the fight with the roofs of Sron.

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  1. Unfortunately Dave, I'm having a lot of problem finding any evidence of The Great Climb any where on the iPlayer. The only mention is on BBC HD which says it is 'Not Available'.

    Sad times