Friday 27 August 2010

What do you do when you can’t climb?

Find another way.
Well, I’m partially on my way to full able bodied status again after two days resting up, so I can walk with some pain and stand on footholds no problem so long as the twist doesn’t stretch my stitches too much. And that’s on a half dose of analgesic. Promising.
Today I thought it was a good time to start letting my ankle know it’s going to have a long day on Saturday, as well as get some training in to tick over instead of rapid fitness loss sitting on my bum.
I did this traverse about 7 times until a hold broke and I got really quite soaking in the resultant bog-splat. I went back for another 5 reps later this evening, after a cup of tea.
Even though my ankle was throbbing after this, it’s great progress. Yesterday morning when I got out of bed it was too painful to weight it even for a second.

PS: I wrote the above last night, better again this morning. Check out what the Sun have to say about our live climb!


  1. Great news that you're starting to heal. I really felt sorry for you when I read about the injury!

  2. Really looking forward to the broadcast - looks set up for an epic afternoon of sofa climbing! Brilliant for the sport. Even if the Sun article was a bit canned and melodramatic, focussing on the height of the thing instead of its absolute difficulty (its bill as 'one of the world's deadliest rock faces' made me smile). Its wonderful to have such excellent ambassadors in the spotlight, representing what's important to most of us who climb in the UK.

  3. Congratulations Dave!

  4. simon geering28 August, 2010

    Massive GRATS dave and Tim, a great route and the most amazing thin i have seen on the BBC ever! Was better than watching the world cup final or the olympics, amazing timing as well well!

    Guess you'll have to go somewhere abroad for the next one ;-) due to the lack of availability of giant rock unbrellers un the UK :-)

    Any plans for a DVD?

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  6. As you said in one of your posts, it was only a flesh wound... so good to see a "wee scratch" didn't stop you completing the climb! ;-)

  7. On the basis of the comments, sounds like a outcome! If the footage becomes available to folks in North America, please provide details :)

  8. Anonymous --

    You can view the footage in North America by masking your real IP address and running your traffic through a proxy server in the UK. The program Vidalia is an easy way to do this. Easy directions for doing it here:


  9. Hey Dave, sounds like a great effort in tricky conditions on Saturday. Unfortunately I'm in New Zealand so wasn't able to watch it live, any idea if any provision is being made for people outside of the UK? Am more than happy to pay to watch it.
    Cheers and congratulations on another inspiring achievement