Monday 2 August 2010

News and new stuff

Before I head to Harris in the morning for round 2 with Sron Uladail, here is a wee update from my webshop. 
We’ve just added the Crackoholic DVD which is just out from Sweden. You might not know about it until now, but Sweden has some world class granite trad crags I’d heard a lot about but not seen anything of. This DVD shows off the areas best and hardest routes. I’ll put up a full review shortly, but for now let me say it’s a pretty inspiring piece of climbing footage. Put it this way, it was enough to put it firmly on my hitlist as a place I’m going climbing in the near future. Trailer below and the DVD is here.

Apart from the Gorilla T-shirts and hoodies mentioned in my other post, I’ve also halved the price of The Scottish Climbing Yearbook to £3.50.
My colleagues at Gore are running a comp right now - They are offering places on some pretty nice trips with the various Gore athletes. First up this month is a trip to the spires of Krgystan with Ines Papert. Not bad for a prize I think! Over the next few months there are trips with Robert Jasper and various others up for grabs. The details are on facebook here if that sounds good.
I need to come up with a plan for what my own prize trip will be. Please help me decide - drop me a comment. So far the ideas on the table are new routing in the Scottish North West/Isles or a training camp at home or abroad somewhere. What do you reckon?
It’s been a while since I’ve been on the road lecturing, but two dates in the diary are lectures at the new wall in Milton Keynes on Sept 18th and High Sports in Shrewsbury on January 4th.


  1. Have you got any plans to come to Manchester/ Sheffield?
    Thank you

  2. Surely the prize should be some Scottish Winter suffering? That would be the best prize of the lot!!


  3. Have a look at Nesscliffe if down in Shrewsbury. Probably seems quite solid in comparison to St John's Head.


  4. Surely they can't be serious about the "prize" with Ines?? There appears to be no climbing involved, just the opportunity to work without getting paid for a month! Any of your ideas sound much better. My only suggestion would be including a visit to the cafe with the nice cake in Fort William as part of the trip:)

  5. I just watched Crackaholic the other day. It's a great flick! Good find.

    Dave, I think your trip should involve somewhere with excellent all-around climbing. Sport, bouldering, trad. I think that would be incredibly fun trip to do. Where would be the question! Wait, is the trip going to be like Ines? All work and no play?

  6. Give us a heads up and we´ll be groundservice on your sending-spree.

    Bohuslän local

  7. I actually thought the Ines Papert trip sounded really good. I can't get 6 weeks off work though!

    A new-routing trip to somewhere remote in Scotland with some coaching thrown in would be pretty special.