Saturday 20 August 2011

Ersfjord time

Julia scoping out new route potential

A little rain sweeps across Ersfjord. It didn’t last.

Helena getting ready and climbing Turistklasse - a lovely traverse out above the space below.

Everyone’s fingertips are really suffering now at the hands of the unforgiving Ersfjord granite. Even after a rest our tips were still pink and small holds feel unpleasant to pull on. However, we went for it anyway. I bolted a superb line on a massive roof after two tries I was ready for a redpoint try, all except my fingers. Down to the last layer before a trip ruining split tip, I had to stop until tomorrow morning.
Afterwards I bolted two more new routes and belayed Julia while she bolted another. So between us we have made some progress on quite a few different projects, and the forecast is still nice. 
Diff has made a lovely video of Julia climbing one of the island’s best 7b+s over on the Gore-Tex experience tour facebook page here.

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  1. Looks really grim there Dave - I've no idea how you're coping! Such bad weather and all that horrible rock. Can't say I'd prefer to be there rather than the sir-ee.