Thursday 19 October 2006

Crazy week

It's been another week with the pedal on the floor. Not climbing - a crazy mix of extreme DIY in the flat and work for the E11 film and the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. I've spent so little time outdoors so I'm really missing the feeling of the season changing and winter slowly approaching. Maybe thats not so bad since winter is maybe not approaching at all judging by the hot evening sunshine at Salisbury crags last night.

Although I've not had time to catch my breath I'm still looking forward to the showing of E11 at the EMFF on saturday night. I hear this morning there are less than 50 tickets left so if you want to go you should get hold of one. I've just had one of those bizarre experiences - talking to TV reporters at the Dumbarton Rock about the film. I don't think I will ever get my head round the interest its caused. Scottish readers should hopefully catch my mumblings about it on Friday's BBC Reporting Scotland! seemed to like the film as well.

It always amazes me at these times of extreme busyness how resilient the human body is to lack of sleep and good food. I repeated my PB on the fingerboard last night, but then realised that I had forgotten to take off my weight belt from a previous exercise!! Maybe I was dehydrated or something? Actually I think you get a bit of an endorphin thing going on when you go into workaholic mode.


  1. Hi Dave

    Just out of interest, what is your fingerboard pb?


  2. Not very good - 1 armer off the campus rung with a very light weight belt on. managed it half crimped for the first time.

    Aye I have to use my feet really, even if Niall reckons I don't