Friday 20 October 2006

See y'all at the festival

Ha ha did you catch the 60 footers on the TV news? If you missed it then you can stream the report from the BBC site here. Mick put up another review of E11 on UK climbing, leading off with my scary grimace on the fingerboard. As Mick says about my climbing "someone who was so crap shouldnt be so good". So I do have to battle hard, both on the fingerboard and on projects to have half a chance of getting up a route like Rhapsody and that seems to have rung loud and clear on the film. Big well done to the Hot Aches guys. Its a big weekend for them and wow what a progression theyve had in a short time to scarily professional. It certainly will be a strange one for us at the Edinburgh Mountain Film fest tomorrow with 500 odd other folk watching the results of our labours.

By the way the DVD stock is ready to ship now and I'll be giving the post office a big sack of all my pre-orders tomorrow morning. If you want to get hold of a copy of it then you can from the webshop and I'm shipping them straight away now.

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