Friday 6 October 2006

Being weak has its temporary uses

Niall sticks the crux on Spitfire, 8a

Niall powerdressing for the next attempt

It's been a mad week of working at different ends of the country but I squeezed in a session with Niall at the Anvil. Lack of sleep mean't the walk-in felt hard enough, but there's something to be said for going on your projects when you are feeling knackered and weak. Your feebleness forces you to think again about the foot sequence and I found a brilliant way to do the crux that misses out all the cutting loose on crap slopey edges. It also misses out a hand move so I've gone down to being 5 moves away from success by the back door!

It was good to watch Niall get the 3rd ascent of Spitfire which is back down to 8a after Niall found a good method at the top. There are more pics of this on Tweedley's new blog (which is excellent - looking forward to reading more of this Michael). Other climbing blogs spotted this week included Phil's blog "I must try harder".

I've been frantically doing work that might allow more time to climb in the coming winter season, which is pretty cool. I'll be glad when I can start to train at full tilt again thats for sure, I miss feeling fit.


  1. I must point out that that hot pink shirt is not mine- It was required of me to wear by the photographer who was out for the day.

    Rumours that i will be the pin-up in the Gay Times outdoor Special are unfounded...


  2. Niall, now theres no need to make excuses, its OK these days you know...