Friday 29 September 2006

Climbing on the internet#2 - one to make you jealous!

Iain on a brilliant 7b+ at Montsant, Spain

Here is another good climbing blog by Iain and Gill charting their world tour of climbing after taking a career break.

Iain and Gill world tour

You guys will make a lot of people either jealous with that blog... or leave their jobs! Nice pictures, lets have more of the same. I scrolled down both inspired and depressed as the rain batters off my window right now. But at least I've done the last route on the bottom of the page! Above is another picture of Iain on it.


  1. Dave,

    Noticed there aren't many comments going up on this or your coach site, but I think both are great and I know lots of people who are reading them regularly even if they aren't posting. You're doing wonders for my inspiration :-)


  2. My thoughts exactly re: number of comments.

    I reckon there's loads of us reading Dave's posts but maybe, like me, they feel a little in awe to actually post anything. I mean what can I add to the comments of someone who climbs at E11 for gawds sake :)

    Keep the posts comming Dave .. its all great stuff.