Tuesday 5 September 2006

davemacleod.com updates - E11 film pre-orders

I've added a shop page to davemacleod.com. It's got links to my favourite climbing books through Amazon and lists of other books such as training for climbing. You can also buy some climbing DVDs directly from my site. Chains is available now. I can also take pre-orders for the E11 DVD by Hot Aches Productions about the first ascent of Rhapsody. The film is showing for the first time at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival on October 21st, and DVDs will be sent out immediately after that. All the details are here.

It was quite an experience being filmed right through the whole process of working on Rhapsody for nearly a year and a half. I was just really psyched by Diff, Dave and everyone else who helped out. They were always so positive and up for shivering all day long, week after week at the top of the crag, only for me to announce that I didn't feel good that day! When I broke off the crux undercut in October I thought the project was impossible for a while, so I felt really bad that I'd hled their focus for such a long time, but would probably have to give up. Thankfully it didn't pan out like that. Also when I bagged the route in April, it was over for me, but the real work was only just beginning for the guys. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of their impressively dedicated efforts.

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