Monday 4 September 2006

The sending winds are coming

Project - V hard - I did another move!!
Back to the fingerboard...
Alicia getting some practice in on the Basalt in preparation for her soon to be local basalt crags in Minnesota.
Alicia contemplating the reach move on Friar's Mantle
Autumn definitely seems to arrived with the first day of September. I managed to do another move on a savagely hard boulder project in the back yard. AGGGHHH I feel so unprepared for autumn - so many hard projects I need to be strong for now the cold winds are blowing, but it feels like so little training has been done. It's been a very busy summer. Not very productive from a climbing point of view, but productive in other ways. Setting up the Online Climbing Coach blog has been a lot of work but had a great response so I'm happy with it. Hopefully I can make time to keep it going if things work out with my coaching service.
It would be nice if summer made a slight return in the next week though. Nevis is still in my mind...

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