Wednesday 13 September 2006

Two days climbing in the lost world

Tighnabruaich viewpoint - not much to see on day 1 except rain and mist
I've just been for two days climbing in the prehistoric forest under the viewpoint. Its a wild place, full on jungle warfare to get between buttresses. If a Pterodactyl flew past you probably wouldn't look twice. So many spots in Scotland are like this - as soon as you leave the road behind you are in a wild place (dinosaurs are not common though).

Places to see while belaying

Spider's web heavy with water

The optimum angle for climbing

Tweedley - the ultimate crag hunter of the west, in his element in Tighnabruaich jungle

Well, one doesn't want to get ones climbing trooz wet in the ferns, does one.

The view as it should be. Cowal on the left, Bute on the right.

It was good to see Michael looking strong on his uber project.

The first ascent of Apollo 8a+
I bolted the horizontal groove and got it done on the second day - 8a+. Featuring some foot off, some bat hanging, some 'feet by hands' undercutting and some spinning around kneebars - exquisite. After so little climbing recently I raced up it like, I don't know... a keen thing... I'm really psyched for the horizontal schist again. The Anvil is in danger next.
My other feat for the day was driving to the crag for the first time ever. After a few driving lessons I thought I should try out a longer drive - 4 hours. Woohoo it was fun!

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