Thursday 14 September 2006

Feature fatigue

My favourite climbing gear experience - rockshoes only, and the rock of course.

I found a name folk have been using for what I've experienced in a lot of modern design and practice in various fields. 'Feature fatigue ' - This link has the definition. I am always wishing for climbing gear that has fewer features that weigh it down, but it does seem that markets are driven, at least partly, by having more features on products, not less. It doesn't just apply to jackets and rucksacks either, I've found myself trying desperately to stay afloat in an ocean of information on improving at climbing. When I coach climbing, I often find that climbers have an appetite for the detail. That is good of course, but not if it is at the expense of getting the basics right. For instance, comparing the fine detail of exercises that improve body tension to keep your feet on, is not a high leverage activity if you haven't learned to use your feet while they are on the wall.

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