Saturday 16 September 2006 updates - more images

Holdfast E9 7a

I've added another gallery page to with shots of Holdfast E9 7a, Fugue E9 6c, Achemine E9 7a and The Cathedral X, 11. You can see it here. Many thanks to Cubby Images for these! The picture above is of Holdfast in Glen Nevis which is one of my favourite routes - exactly what an E9 should look like really - an immaculate blank wall with no obvious holds or gear. I was inspired! It's also the most serious route I've ever done, with a bone breaking boulder right below the line and no protection until the E1 climbing at the end. I was glad to hear that the route was seeing attention from others recently. It saw an ascent last week from Dave Birkett, using siderunners in the routes on either side.


  1. How does it make you feel to see someone doing the route with siderunners?

    I had similar scenario recently when someone claimed an ascent of a hard route I had recently done, however they had extended most quickdraws to eliminate every runout.

    Got me thinking about the tactics we use to achieve the "tick".

  2. Was your route Sport or trad Lee?

  3. It was a trad route.

    (Note I'm not saying that my ascent was in perfect style!)