Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 1 in Norway

I write quickly before we go back into the mountains for more climbing in Norway. Yesterday, we did our start of trip faff, buying food etc and drove round for an evening session on Blammanen. We managed to choose a line to try and did 2 50 metre pitches of E6 6b. The next pitch looks extremely hard and blank, going through roofs. But if that goes, the rest of the route should too. Time to send Donald out in front with the aid gear! That is the project for the next two days at least.
I was feeling a little daunted at the prospect of doing it all again today after finally making dinner at 2am after climbing yesterday. but Helena’s pancakes this morning have squashed this feeling a little.


  1. Way cool! Kvaloya is a rad place, and so are the Lyngen Alps next to it. Only been hiking on the Blåmannen so far, hope to climb it when we have time for a next trip. You lucky sods, even the weather looks good :)

    Good adventure and fun for everybody! :) Be safe.

  2. Cool dude. So rad, man. Awesome.

    Hang loose!