Friday 11 August 2006

Body clock issues

The last few weeks have been fairly crazy. I tend to dive into whatever I'm doing and don't let go until I've done what I wanted to. The objective over the past few weeks was to do some much needed work and sort things out for the future. I went slightly over the top and three weeks of 18/19 hour days have left me feeling a little burnt out. I decided to stop and go climbing, I've only been out (not counting training) for 4 or 5 days in the last month. I tried to get up and go at 5.30 this morning but my body wouldn't let me - it still thinks 5.30 is time to go to bed!

At least I've been able to keep a skeleton training regime going and my endurance feels halfway there again. So The Ben is in my mind again and if the warm weather returns I will go up again soon. To be honest I'm probably a bit scared to go back up there and work on the arete project. The prospect of leading it looms close behind a few more days of work. It's probably academic anyway unless a lot of luck with conditions materialises.

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