Tuesday 15 August 2006

Dumbarton rock looking spooky

Why is it the moon appears much smaller than it was at the time?

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  1. Hi Dave,

    When I was a schoolboy and right into astronomy, I attended a meeting of the Glasgow Asronomical Society. One discussion was held about this optical phenomenon, whereby the moon seems to be much larger when it is closer to the horizon.

    The consensus was that when it is closer to the horizon and thus familiar objects, our brain thinks it is actually larger than it is. When it is much higher in the sky and away from familiar objects, it appears closer to its true size.

    Seemingly, the 'lens' effect of the thicker atmosphere low down makes little difference, so I'm inclined to believe the argument I heard so many years ago.

    Good luck with your endeavours, it's refreshing to read material from a Scot who has talent and no difficulty in dealing with as well as communicating.