Thursday 31 August 2006

Dumbarton Rock timeline

Pete Ogden sent in this picture of an attempt on BNI direct start in the 1970s. This little number survived an attack by Cubby in the 80s as well and was finally done by Malcolm Smith in the 90s, finally going at Font 7b+. It's really amazing how many new problems have been done in this time here. What good lines are left? Well unbeleivably there are a couple. The line through the roof in the picture is awesome and possible, but the moves still haven't been done. I've done the moves going across the suspended roof into Mugsy via a circuitous route - That should go for someone, although you've already done a fair bit of horizontal climbing to get to the 7a moves. I wonder if someone could climb this roof via a direct line straight into Mugsy? hmmm...

One thing that will never change about climbing here is the characters you meet climbing there.

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