Monday 28 August 2006

A few days on Lewis

The consequences of a still morning at the Slig on Skye - midge death
Claire and the Aird Feinis boulder
Claire on a new 4c SS
Claire getting psyched
A little training to finish off
An awesome roof problem at Port Nis - Font 6b+
A big prow thing at Port Nis - scary Font 5
Here are some photos from Lewis. I didn't climb much but had a quick play at the Aird Feinis boulder (I'll post up a topo later on) and a couple of quick problems at Nis. Hmm after 6 visits to Lewis and Harris I've done a lot of good climbing there and starting to feel I've done a lot of what I'd like to do on the sea cliffs. Gneiss is sooo good I only wish there were more walls like Dalbeg, Screaming Geo, and Sheigra. Next time I visit the island I suspect it will be for the mountain crags again. I met up with Niall for a days climbing but with the crags wet we opted for exploring geos and some highly dynamic scrambling to escape the Fulmar projectile vomit.
Thanks Frin for putting us up!

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