Thursday 3 August 2006

When winters were winters

It does depress me when I see pictures like this. It would be nice to think global warming will go away and that one of these seasons the old school Scottish winters would come back. Not that Scottish winters have been catastrophically bad of late, but Am Baile talks about three steam engines linked together to clear snow blocks. I'm off to plant a tree (and no I won't drive there!).

Some other cool photos on Am Baile are of the Ben Nevis summit observatory (I'm sure the big rusty tube lying under observatory buttress as I walked past last week is the chimney flue in the picture!), rock climbing on St Kilda and a potential new dry tooling venue in Glen Croe, Arrochar.

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  1. Dave

    Did you see the recent copt of Alpinist? theyve moved there paper useage over to sustainable forests etc and are looking at ways to offset they impact on the earth.

    Ive written to Climb magazine about this and made some suggestions, they could adopt the same approach, I also suggested they or someone could start a climbers website linked into the ones where you can donate cash to build trees that offset your travels miles. It would not be so hard to have a ready calculator of the mileage and carbon cost of our long climbing trips.

    Ideas? Id be glad to get into something were we can offset the clear envrionmental impact of long trips