Wednesday 14 May 2008

Again and again...and...

I have spent the last four days straight shovelling snow from the top of my project, as hard as I could until wastedness strikes. I've eaten more than 5000 calories every day and fallen asleep instantly as soon as the light went out (the most unusual aspect for an innsomniac such as myself). This morning I simply couldn't face the fingerboard before walking up again. So I just stuck Andrew Marr on the ipod and got walking again, off in a world of thought until time to dance up Tower Ridge again (can you believe I know every move and it's only May!).

This excercise has been really good for three reasons. First, it's been a brutal wake up call what it's like to properly work your body hard intsead of pissing about like I was before. Second, its taught me the lesson about Nevis new routing once again; estimate how frustrating trying a Nevis project could be. Double it, add a bit more, and you might be getting close. Finally, its reminded me again that it's worth just doing what you need to do to get shit done. If it takes five days to clear the snow just to start climbing, then clear it. It's worth it (see next post).

When it comes down to it, getting stuff done is often about getting out and getting amonst it, again and again...

And again

And again

Until it's time for a cup of tea.


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    It makes me smile, all this snow digging. Crazy! but the type of crazy that leads to good things.

    Good luck with it all

  2. Seconded! Magnificently mental! Hats off to you sir! :) Can't wait to see some piccies of the project....

  3. ...The only thing crazier than leading a hard climb with crap gear.