Sunday 11 May 2008

Roll on Sunshine!

The best spring in Scotland in my lifetime rolls on. Every day, the sun keeps shining - what has happened to normal Scotland??? The only problem is, a badass massive snowpatch is still going strong soaking my project. Yesterday I got up trained and then beasted up the Ben again with a shovel and spent the rest of the day digging snow until I could lift my arms no more. I reckon I shifted a good few tonnes, but I laughed at the pitiful dent I had made in it by 9pm! I reckon I got about a tenth of it shifted. The things you have to do...


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2008

    That's dedication Dave. For that alone you deserve to climb the route (or sectioning under the Mental Health Act!!). Good luck.

  2. Anonymous11 May, 2008

    Heh,heh, I can picture you single handedly moving all that snow off the Ben...very amusing. Good luck though! Enjoying your blog.

  3. Personally I'd have went for salt or clever use of reflective tin foil, but you should be beasted up for the shoveler move on the project... Dave

  4. I'm impressed! VERY impressed! The question is ... will you be back doing it tomorrow too?