Thursday 29 May 2008

Climbing One Handed

A little piece from current TV about Kev Shields and his climbs, made by the Hot Aches team.


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2008

    What Route is he on in Mourne, is it Divided Years?

  2. Anonymous30 May, 2008

    he doesn't climb one-handed. My housemate has a similar congenital hand defect (probably worse as he can't pinch). He goes out and pulls down harder than many people with two normal hands and doesn't make a big deal of it. Everyone is disabled in some way or other.

  3. What a dooshy comment to make Mark. It might give some hope to other climbers/people who have lost a limb or have a congenital defect. It is an inspiring video.

    Don't be jealous because the one handed climber can climb better than you.

  4. Anonymous31 May, 2008

    What makes you think he climbs better than me? Get a grip. Many people would find the fuss made pretty patronizing.

  5. I got a great grip. I am a climber after all. What fuss?? All they did was show a handicapped climber pwning up the rock.

  6. Anonymous29 July, 2008

    What the hell are you banging on about??There isn't any part of either of your comments true or that make sense.
    Not one handed??I have most of my hand missing hence the term.
    Where do you see me 'pinch'?? I have never managed that.
    Whos making a "big deal"?? I was asked to be filmed for DVD,not making it myself and shouting "look at me".
    "everyones disabled"?? where did you get that crap cliche??
    Patronizing?? Yes if the camera crew offered to tie my laces not being asked to be filmed.Think that answers your 'points' Perhaps next time find out the facts before opening your mouth and letting your arse rumble??

    Kev Shields

  7. Hey Kev, great to see that you are cranking hard man- bad ass. I'm an American one-arm climber (BE a few inches right side. I have been leading trad (5.10-5.11) since about 13 years old and also ice climb mountaineer and all the other standard outdoor recreation. I just wanted to contact you, there aren't many of us out there so we should learn from each other and keep pushing the limits. I know this is Dave Macleods blog but if anyone could make sure Kev gets this it would be much appreciated. Contact me at or check out
    Cheers mate!