Saturday 24 May 2008

introspection aloud

Today was my first day of feeling totally beaten by the Echo Wall project. I'm just not fit enough to deal with working it quickly. I keep telling myself all these days on the trot either on the route or training hard will be getting me in shape. But possibly it won't be enough. This thing is just not the same as something like Rhapsody - the climbing on that was quite tricky (at the time it was my limit) but it was right there - easy to sling a rope down in a few minutes and get climbing on it with nothing in the way. I've done the hard mountain routes like Birkett's and Dunne's too, but they were [relative to this] easy climbing - you just turn up, put in a day or two's work and crush it. This is different - the mix of 8c or harder climbing, the prospect of a groundfall on the lead, and the logistical challenge of climbing this so high on the north face of the Ben. That is why it will be another level beyond any of the other routes. That is what I am after on the whole.

I'm finding that it's too much for me to train hard to be in rock climbing shape to climb Echo Wall, and walk into the Ben several days a week to work on the route. Right now my body feels pretty worn out. Perhaps after a rest day, it'll all feel different? I guess thats all part of the experience of climbing and training hard. I've had that before too, and I'm looking forward to having the pring return to my step after 36 hours rest.

That I need to remind myself of here is that running into this type of 'wall' is what I'm here for. If I was looking for a route to nail in a couple of days, I could go do some more E9s or repeat some more routes in the Lakes like I did before. But I've done those things - I'm in this to get really worked. So, when it happens I should react well.

Reacting well may involve sleeping... now... goodnight.

PS: for my rest day I'm working at the new Go Outdoors store in Coatbridge Glasgow (Sunday), coaching youngsters and chatting to folk about gear, climbing etc. Maybe see you there?


  1. Anonymous24 May, 2008

    stick at it Dave, what your doing is truly insperational, keep it up.


  2. Anonymous25 May, 2008

    don't forget to take restdays. Everyone needs those. If you don't you'll just get weak in the end. stick to it.

  3. Hi Dave,

    you're inspiring a lot of people to go for their project even more (at least you do for me :)

    I'm sure it's a, both physically and mentally, though time now... But that's what climbing is about isn't it? Pushing your limits constantly, exploring new things, finding amazing lines.

    Good luck on this!


  4. Anonymous26 May, 2008

    Why don't you up sticks and camp by the project? living there for the entire duration might not be a good idea but if you camped there for a few days at a time before going home for a rest day or two, wouldn't that cut down the energy spent on getting to and from the project?

  5. Anonymous26 May, 2008

    Keep plugging away Dave, I check in to see how your getting on and get myself a healthy dose of motivation to go send my own projects, small I know but reading about the high levels of dedication and training gives me a good kick up the backside to go do it. So keep hanging in there!

  6. Anonymous26 May, 2008

    Great attitude Dave, it’s fantastic to see the way you push the positives in these situations.
    You’re a real inspiration, your blog has become part of my morning ritual so keep the updates coming!